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Packaging Vials & Boston Rounds

While selling wholesale mostly to distributors, our years in the packaging industry have given us great insight about supply chains and manufacturers. We are able to offer assistance in completing the package with complimentary components to our droppers. These components include a variety of glass vials, Boston round dropper bottles, glass and plastic bottles, and caps.

Glass vials, while there are a few standards, are completely customizable. We need only a diameter, height, and preferred neck finish or desired bottle capacity in order to provide product. Available in clear and amber glass, with a dropper or a cap, standard sizes Include:

• 1 dram vial, 15x45 with a 13/425 neck finish

• 2 dram vial, 17x60 with a 15/425 neck finish

• 4 dram vial, 21x70 with a 18/400 neck finish

boston rounds Boston round dropper bottles, in amber, cobalt blue, or clear glass is the perennial dropper bottle package. There are US and European versions, each with their own advantages. European version is measured in ml, and the US version is measured in ounces.

Other bottles include various glass and plastic styles which are too numerous to mention and outline. If you´re looking to customize and branch out with the styles and colors, we can point you in the right direction depending on your specific needs.

Cap options include,